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Despite improved consensus algorithms, current blockchain implementations use nodes that synchronize one block at a time.

Our experience with DAG-based protocols reinforces our confidence in the future of Fantom. All token sale details also need to be made available in one place, and the team should explain clearly their reasoning behind the token allocation model they have chosen. By 2019 Q3, the full Smart Contract platform along with the Mainnet will be launched.

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  • Christoph Mussenbroch, Protocol & Architecture
  • Stephan Karpischek, Ecosystem & Community
  • Renat Khasanshyn, Insurance Products & Revenue

The FANTOM architecture is divided into three layers.

Applications built on top of the FANTOM opera Chain enjoy instant transactions and near-zero transaction costs for all users. Although third-generation Smart Contract platforms such as Cardano and EOS have emerged, scalability issues have not been resolved. The mission of FANTOM is to provide compatibility between all transaction bodies around the world, and create an ecosystem which allows real-time transactions and data sharing with low cost.

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Unlike many other DAG based platforms, the Lachesis A protocol will not only secure and speed-up transactions above 300,000 TPS but also provide an open-source and permissionless platform.

The Fantom team has established a throughput of 300,000 transactions per second (TPS). The information made available to the press says that the FANTOM digital currency will be convertible to ACTOR, which can be converted to South Korean won. A funny note.. Fantom; Opera; Story.. Made me laugh.

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Like a blockchain, the OPERA Chain is saved on each node that participates in the network.

For example, while Ethereum has limited ability to track past transactions, Fantom solves this problem using the “Data History” function, which allows the user to track all past transactions. As stated in this document, only 30% of DIP tokens will be available to the public during the token sale. The consortium named FANTOM announced on Tuesday that they have plans to set up a foundation in Hong Kong for the purpose of crowdsale.

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Furthermore, FANTOM’s overall software architecture will be finalized.

According to Fantom’s roadmap, the launch of the test network is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2018. Fantom may face competition, meaning other DAG protocols, such as Hedera Hashgraph and Constellation, who also plan launching existing test networks by the end of 2018. This can provide tremendous support for the project, from promoting development using patented technology to providing commercial partnerships.

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The FANTOM platform adopts an inflationary model to expand the ecosystem.

The smart contract for the ICO would enable food tech companies to work with an app in a smart contract setting to distribute their products directly to consumers. On the FANTOM platform, however, previous transactions can be tracked based on the root hash value called Story Root for all transactions. FANTOM is the world’s first DAG based Smart Contract platform that solves the scalability issues of existing public distributed ledger technologies. Fantom (Korea) Fantom offers a blockchain protocol based on directed acyclic graph (DAG) for instant transactions and infinite scalability at almost zero cost. About FANTOM Blockchain technology has provided a way to maintain consensus across all nodes with no central authority. The platform distinguishes itself from the traditional block ledger-based storage infrastructure by employing an improved version of existing DAG-based protocols.