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The SDT token that will be issued by Alchemint is initially a smart contract platform on and offers automated feedback mechanism and appropriate external incentives.

Anyone will be able to issue stable coins by mortgaging NEO assets, or other digital assets approved by a governance committee. Refer to Alchemint’s whitepaper to find out more about the Oracle – the network’s real time price evaluator for liquidation thresholds. The public will be able to view the size of collateral in the Alchemint system at all times. Orbis aims to make Bluetooth mesh development easily accessible to third-party developers with implementations such as IoT, crowd-gathered data, digital infrastructure, logistics, Your request has been sent. This ICO is a singular stablecoin project developed on NEO.

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[Main problems tackled]: Alchemint is not controlled by any individuals or organizations. All these price are external market price that can not be positively sensed by blockchain. Women are Increasingly Getting Involved in Crypto Investments: Reports Indicate This ICO offers a stablecoin management system that is built on the NEO platform. Alchemint has a complete set of risk control measures to manage the collateral’s market value so that the fluctuating will not trigger crisis of the whole system. Similar to the Fed, Alchemint can reduce money supply by issuing a series of IOUs with digital assets (NEO) as collateral.

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When the sdusd and USD come with deviations, the feedback mechanism will be triggered.

Over time, Alchemint will expand to other digital currencies. With the support of SAR, Alchemint is able to guarantee the security, transparency and audit able of all mortgaged digital assets. As SDUSD deviates from this threshold a feedback mechanism will be triggered. we recognize the technology of the whole industry is not mature enough, and Alchemint’s technology is not the greatest in the world. The solution Alchemint proposes aims to incentivize the market to arbitrate the SDUSD:USD ratio until it reaches equilibrium at 1:1.

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Also, if this project remains the only stablecoin on the platform, the sustained development within the ecosystem may result in a higher demand for SDT.

Alchemint may be useful in not just on cryptocurrency trading exchanges but as an unfairly means of facilitating payment on Dapps. SAR is a smart contract to generate the mortgaged digital assets mentioned above. Alchemint may represent an important step towards the progression of the NEO smart economy. 7) Oracle - SAR needs a real time market price to evaluate the necesity of triggering the compulsory liquidation. It creates high performance application-level digital currency through distributed ledger technology.

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In the beginning, there was NEO Alchemint will accept NEO as the only form of collateral at first.

Alchemint also needs real time market price of sdusd to detemine the adjustment of incentive mechanism. 3) Target Price Stabilization Mechanism - The stablecoin sdusd inherits the advantages of digital currency and other digital assets that avoid huge fluctuation of currency’s value. In short, it’s a stablecoin enabled via smart contract technology. Under this mechanism, the legal tender of sdusd, take USD as exam-ple, is set to the rate of 1:1 initially. Stable coins have been very popular in 2018, as various projects attempt to address the issue of cryptocurrency volatility to encourage their adoption for everyday purchases.

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Alchemint feedback mechanism Initially, SDUSD is set to 1:1 with USD.

In addition, in the ecological environment that built by Alchemint, the potential customers Individuals can create SDT with the following steps: The liquidation and auction function Alchemint devised a solution for the devaluation of NEO and SDUSD. Price is supported and stabilized by Smart Assets Reserve (SAR), commission lever and motivator from internal and external through Alchemint. SDT Token Participants in the private and public sale of Alchemint will receive SDT token. 2) Smart Assets Reserve - SAR is the most important technical component in Alchemint. Initially, a USD pegged token, SDUSD, will be available, but there are plans for stable coins pegged to the Chinese Yuan and the Euro at a later stage.